Community Economic Development in Social Work (Foundations of Social Work Knowledge Series)

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The Secret Social Phobia: Shy Bladder Syndrome (Paruresis): Second Edition

by Steven Soifer (Author), Joseph McNeely (Author), Cathy Costa (Author), & 1 More  Format: Kindle Edition

Community economic development (CED) plays a crucial role in revitalizing low- to moderate-income areas. This cutting-edge text examines how CED intersects with social work practice, emphasizing empowerment and well-being for both individuals and communities.

The textbook promotes a holistic approach to community building, blending business and real estate with a focus on fostering family self-reliance and community empowerment. It offers innovative strategies for revitalizing declining communities while preserving their demographic makeup. The authors explore the various forms of capital involved—social, political, human, and financial—and address how race and regional factors can impact outcomes.

Case examples are integrated throughout to illustrate effective strategies. The text concludes by highlighting the pivotal role social workers can play in shaping the future of CED.


586 pages

11 Nov 2014