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The Human Science Institute is a learning community of engaged scholars, practitioners, advocates, and activists dedicated to creating a humane and ecologically sustainable global future through education and research. HSI supports engaged scholarship and the work of those responding to the challenges of our times by promoting a transdisciplinary framework that respects the multiplicity of views and ways of knowing in our diverse global community.


  • Convenes scholars and practitioners in education and research conferences, meetings, events, and other activities
  • Provides academic and professional education grounded in a transdisciplinary social science perspective
  • Supports independent academic and professional research and programs responsive to current environmental and social problems, acting as a fiscal agent for organizations and projects
  •  Offers a communications and networking platform to connect scholars, practitioners, advocates, and activists working on diverse contemporary issues
  •  Offers education based on the human science perspective through courses, blogs, podcasts, and webinars to facilitate positive social and environmental change.


Human Science is an approach to understanding human experience anchored in the disciplines of critical social science, cultural studies, systems thinking and qualitative research. In a world of many languages, values, traditions, and ways of knowing, Human Science asks the essential epistemological questions about the nature of truth, knowledge, and reality that may allow us to understand one another.

The Human Science Institute continues this dialogue by focusing these questions on contemporary environmental and social problems and supports scholars, practitioners, advocates, and activists committed to:

  • Understanding how human beings make meaning of their experience, thoughts, and feelings
  • Developing the knowledge and skills necessary to facilitate transformative change in a complex world
  • Rigorous research that is respectful of other ways of knowing and empowers communities
  • Emancipatory values that advance equality, justice, and the thriving of human and natural communities


As an IRS designated 501(c)(3) organization, the Human Science Institute supports projects and partnerships aligned with the human science perspective and our mission. For more information regarding how we may be able to support your efforts, please contact us using our contact page.